Cogent IAS Coaching in Delhi

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Cogent IAS Coaching in Delhi 

Cogent  IAS Coaching in Delhi earns its reputation as the premier choice for several compelling reasons. Led by Mr. Vidya Sagar, Sanjeevani Arora, and other seasoned educators, students receive exceptional guidance. The optimal batch size of 20-30 fosters an engaging learning environment. Their interactive teaching style keeps students actively involved.

The study material provided focuses on crucial topics from previous years. Specializing in optional courses, the institute caters to specific needs. While only video lectures are available online, they ensure accessible learning resources. Tailored test series for optional subjects further enhance exam preparation. Feedback from former students highlights the institute’s effective teaching methods and readily available support, fostering clarity and understanding. Notably, several students have emerged as toppers, a testament to the effectiveness of Cogent IAS Coaching in nurturing success.

On 26  March 2024  the review of  Cogent IAS Coaching in Delhi  was conducted to identify the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi. Before forming any conclusion about the list ofTop 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi, rankings will change when the faculty members and conditions change. We still request you to contact the team or mail us

Courses offered by Cogent IAS Coaching in Delhi

  • Optional

Fee Structure of Cogent IAS Coaching in Delhi

  • Optional:Rs. 10,000 (incl. GST)

Cogent IAS Coaching 

Factors  Qualities of the Coaching 
Faculty Mr. Vidya Sagar, Sanjeevani Arora and 8 others.
Batch Size 20-30 students
Teaching style  Interactive
Quality of study material They provide the study material that focuses on the previous year’s important topics.
Kind of Course Optional
Online  Infrastructure  Only Video lectures are available online.
Test Series Optional
Past Feedback Students said that the way of teaching and the notes given by them is good. They are very much available to the students all the time and clarify every doubt.
Students Performance  Few students are the toppers
Offline Fees Optional:Rs. 10,000 (incl. GST)
Website Cogent IAS
Address 107, Indraprastha complex, near Post Office, Indra Vihar, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, 110009
Phone Number 7827418302
Mode Online
Language  Hindi
Google Direction Link   Google Map Link


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