Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi

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Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi

Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi is hailed as the best choice for IAS aspirants, supported by several key factors. With esteemed faculty members like Mr. S S Pandey, Sachin Dhawal, Vikram Singh, and 11 others, students receive expert guidance. The moderate batch size of 50-60 ensures individual attention. Their teaching style includes mentorship, scholarship opportunities, and a focus on current affairs.

The quality study material provided is curated to save students’ time and aid their preparation. Offering courses in foundation, essay, and interview preparation, they cater to various needs. Additionally, the institute offers unlimited access for three years, facilitating long-term learning. Their comprehensive test series cover CSAT, BPSC, and optional subjects, ensuring thorough preparation. Positive feedback from students highlights the institute’s conducive environment, reasonable fees, and supportive staff. Notably, some students have achieved top ranks, reflecting the effectiveness of Dikshant IAS Coaching in shaping successful careers in the civil services.

The review of Dikshant IAS is underway to determine the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi by March 18, 2024. It’s important to note that rankings are subject to change with variations in faculty members and conditions. For further inquiries or clarifications regarding the list, please feel free to reach out to the team atTheHinduZone.com or email us atinfo@bestiascoachingindelhi.com.

Courses offered by Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi

    GS (Pre+Mains)



Fee Structure of Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi

    GS (Pre+Mains):Rs. 1,40,000 (incl.GST)

    Optional:Rs. 50,000 (incl.GST)

     CSAT:Rs. 24,000 (incl.GST)

Dikshant IAS Coaching in Delhi


Factors  Qualities of the Coaching 
Faculty Mr. S S Pandey, Sachin Dhawal, Vikram Singh and 11 more.
Batch Size 50-60 students
Teaching style  Mentorship, Scholarship, Current Affairs
Quality of study material Our students always receive well curated study resources, which helps them stay on task and saves them time.
Kind of Course Foundation, Essay, Interview
Online  Infrastructure  This institute gives unlimited access for 3 years to their students.
Test Series CSAT, BPSC, Optional
Past Feedback Students said that Dikshant’s coaching is a favorable project for any candidates who want to become an IAS/IPS officer. Enhanced faculty leads you towards your approach and vision. Dikshant hierarchy minutely supervised candidate problems and resolved them as soon as possible. Cooperative environment, reasonable fees, supportive counselor, talented experts and career advisor.
Students Performance  Some of the students are the toppers.
Offline Fees GS (Pre+Mains):Rs. 1,40,000, Optional:Rs. 50,000, CSAT:Rs. 24,000 (incl.GST)
Website DikshantIAS
Address 289 Ground Floor, Johar, near Dushera Ground, Dhaka Village, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, 110009
Phone Number 7428092240
Mode Offline, Online
Language  Hindi, English
Google Direction Link   Google Map Link


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