TheHinduZone IAS Coaching in Delhi

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TheHinduZone IAS Coaching in Delhi

The HinduZone Coaching in Delhi stands out due to its exceptional factors. Faculty mentors include Mr. Alok Sinha, Balvinder Kumar, Dr. Huma Hassan, Divya Mishra, Sangeeta Gupta, and Sumit Kumar. Mentorship, video lectures, and comprehensive notes enhance teaching styles. Quality study materials aid in devoted preparation. Courses cover UPSC, IIT, BANK, CUET, AGNIVEER, and Optional subjects. Online infrastructure facilitates access to video lectures and recordings. Test series for IIT, UPSC, SSC, and CUET are available. Past feedback highlights thorough examination and tailored guidance for students. The HinduZone offers comparative analysis and addresses individual needs effectively.

On 27  March 2024  the review of The HinduZone IAS Coaching in Delhi  is conducted to identify the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi. Before forming any conclusion about the list of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi, rankings will change when the faculty members and conditions change. We still request you to contact the team of or mail us

Fee Structure of TheHinduZone IAS Coaching in Delhi

    From:Rs. 500 up toRs. 20,000

TheHinduZone IAS Coaching in Delhi

Factors  Qualities of the Coaching 
Faculty Mentors are- Mr. Alok Sinha (Retd. IAS Officer), Balvinder Kumar (Retd. IAS Officer), Dr. Huma Hassan (Ph.D from JNU and Masters in Sociology), Divya Mishra (AIR- 28 UPSC 2020), Sangeeta Gupta (Income Tax & IRS Officer) Sumit Kumar (IIT Roorkee)
Teaching style  Mentorship, Video lectures, Notes giving
Quality of study material Candidates must understand that Civil Services exam preparation demands pure devotion, time management, a focused mindset & continuous practice. Apart from that, the right mentorship is also vital to achieving top grades in the UPSC exam.
Kind of Course UPSC, IIT, BANK, CUET, AGNIVEER, Optional
Online  Infrastructure  Video lectures or recordings are available online.
Test Series IIT, UPSC, SSC, CUET
Past Feedback Students said that The basically examines every aspect of online coaching methods. When students approach, we give them a comparative analysis vis-a-vis other such academies. We understand their requirements and concerns and then advise them according to their needs.
FEES  From:Rs. 500 up to Rs. 20,000
Address C 59, Block C, Sector 2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Phone Number 8800222298
Mode Online
Language  English
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