Direction IAS Coaching in Delhi

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Direction IAS Coaching in Delhi

Direction IAS Coaching in Delhi stands out as the top choice for IAS aspirants, supported by various key factors. With esteemed faculty members like Mrs. Neetu Singh, Ankita Gaur, Tareekh Sheikh, and 11 more, students receive expert guidance. The moderate batch size of 40-50 ensures personalized attention. Their teaching style includes double clearing and providing comprehensive notes. The institute offers precise reading material to save time and enhance knowledge. Offering courses in Geography and Political sciences, they cater to diverse needs.

Additionally, the institute provides unlimited access until the batch ends, facilitating continuous learning. Their test series cover optional Geography subjects, ensuring thorough preparation. Positive feedback from students highlights the effectiveness of study materials and detailed answer evaluation. Notably, some students have achieved top ranks, reflecting the institute’s success in guiding aspirants towards success in the UPSC exam. Direction IAS Coaching remains the best choice for UPSC preparation in Delhi.

The review of Direction IAS  is being conducted to identify the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi on 19 March 2024. Before forming any conclusion about the list of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi, rankings will change when the faculty members and conditions change. We still request you to contact the team or mail us at

Courses offered by Direction IAS Coaching

    Optional Coaching

Fee Structure of Direction IAS Coaching 

    • Optional:

Rs. 49,000 (incl. GST)

Direction IAS Coaching 

Factors  Qualities of the Coaching 
Faculty Mrs. Neetu Singh, Ankita Gaur, Tareekh Sheikh and 11 more.
Batch Size 40-50
Teaching style  Double Clearing, Notes giving
Quality of study material This institute offers precise reading material without beating around the bush to save time and enhance the knowledge of the aspirants.
Kind of Course Geography, Postal
Online  Infrastructure  This institute gives unlimited access till the batch ends.
Test Series Optional (Geography)
Past Feedback Students said that the study material provided here is enough to crack the exam and the answer evaluation is being done with pointing out the mistakes and mentioning each and every improvements to be made to make the answers full proof and marks fetching.
Students Performance  Few students are the toppers.
Offline Fees Optional:Rs. 49,000 (incl. GST)
Website DirectionIAS
Address Metro Station, Hari Bhawan, 14A/103, Maharana Pratap Rd, behind Karol Bagh, WEA, Karol Bagh, Delhi, 110005
Phone Number 9810382305
Mode Online, Offline
Language  English
Google Direction Link   Google Map Link


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