Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching in Delhi

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Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching in Delhi

Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching in Delhi stands out as the top choice for aspiring civil servants, driven by several key factors. With esteemed faculty members like Mr. Arun Kumar, Ritu Kumari, Priyanka Soni, and 11 more, students receive expert guidance. The moderate batch size of 30-40 ensures personalized attention. Their teaching style emphasizes clearing doubts and providing counseling, fostering a conducive learning environment.

The institute offers high-quality study materials meticulously organized to help students excel in exams. Offering courses in Psychology, Ethics, and Essay writing, they cater to diverse needs. Additionally, Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching boasts a robust online infrastructure, facilitating seamless learning experiences for students. Through digitized classes and interactive platforms, students can access resources and engage in learning anytime, anywhere. With a focus on quality education, personalized attention, and innovative teaching methodologies, Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching emerges as the best choice for UPSC preparation in Delhi.

The review of Beautiful Mind IAS is being conducted to identify the Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi on 19 March 2024. Before forming any conclusion about the list of Top 10 IAS Coaching in Delhi, rankings will change when the faculty members and conditions change. We still request you to contact the team of or mail us at

Courses offered by Beautiful Mind IAS 


Fee Structure of Beautiful Mind IAS 

    • Optional:

Rs.75,000 (incl. GST)

Beautiful Mind IAS Coaching in Delhi

Factors  Qualities of the Coaching 
Faculty Mr. Arun Kumar, Ritu Kumari, Priyanka Soni and 11 more.
Batch Size 30-40
Teaching style  Clearing Doubts, Counseling
Quality of study material This institute offers high quality study materials. Course material should not only cover the UPSC curriculum as needed but be organized in a way that helps students achieve high test scores.
Kind of Course Psychology, Ethics, Essay
Online  Infrastructure  This institute gives unlimited access for 1 year only.
Test Series Optional (Psychology)
Past Feedback Students said that this institute has digitized classes focused on building conceptual knowledge.
Students Performance  Few students are the toppers.
Offline Fees Optional: Rs.75,000 (incl. GST)
Website Beautiful Mind IAS
Address Block No. 55, Shop No. 13, Old Rajinder Nagar, Market, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
Phone Number 7863001300
Mode Online, Offline
Language  English
Google Direction Link   Google Map Link


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